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Restorative Sound Journey 

This 90-minute experience combines restorative yoga with calming instrumentation to guide participants in a journey of finding peace in their bodies and nervous systems. Restorative yoga is a vital practice that uses the support of props to align the body in deeply relaxing poses. Poses are designed to soothe the nervous system, allowing for increased circulation to the organs and organ systems promoting increased concentration, mental clarity, digestion, and the decrease of blood pressure, muscle tension and fatigue. These poses supported by music help to bring focus and clarity to the mind while settling and rejuvenating the body.   

Cacao Yoga 

This 2 hour ceremony is best paired with events such as the full/new moon or equinoxes/solstices. During this ceremony we will share the drink of Cacao, partake in ceremonial opening and closing circles, and use the uplifting qualities of Cacao to support our yoga practice. The guided practice will be supported with instrumentation to bring participants into the depths of their beings and to celebrate the solely human qualities that connect us all. There will be opportunities for participants to follow along to guided yoga, to sit, to meditate, and to listen to live music so they may follow the journey that is calling to them. 

Grounding Movement and Music 

This 90-minute experience combines the movement experiences of hatha yoga, restorative yoga, and intuitive movement with the guidance of guitar and drum instrumentation. Students will be directed through creative poses and movement to help process emotions, settle the body, and ignite the spirit.

Mia is available for booking classes in her specialties of women’s classes, red tent ceremonies, restorative yoga and women’s circles. See her information here

Larry is available for booking music events including instrumental music, lyrical music, and healing music. See his information here

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