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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

Mia’s Travel Memories


As I prepare to travel, I find myself referring to memories. I remember meeting women’s eyes as we dried clothes on our roofs in India. I remember sleeping in a rental car in New Zealand because neither my friend nor I wanted to pay for another hostel when we knew we’d be up early to do another hike anyway. I remember going to the same restaurant on the coast in Lima, Peru 4 times because I couldn’t get enough of the fresh quinoa and vegetable salad that I was so proud to order in Spanish. It’s the little bits of memories, conversations, and inspiration for new perspectives that I am happy have become a part of who I am today and I’m so excited to have more of in my life. Here’s a few life lessons from my world travels so far:

Costa Rica- Getting suspended in the forests isn’t as scary as it sounds, enjoy dangling in the canopy.

Hawaii - Leave room in your suitcase for coconut fragrance mini shampoos and lotions that will bring your memory back to the open air hotels.

Australia - Everything stops for tea time, even long jungle hikes. Don’t forget the tea and lamingtons.

New Zealand - If you ship everything home, you’ll still be fine, you’ll remember the memories, not the stuff anyway.

Fiji - Wear sunscreen, sometimes sun burns don’t show up right away, or until you’re on a 14 hour plane ride home.

India - Don’t bring (or own) 3 pink v-neck t-shirts, you’ll end up giving it all to the family that lives on the end of your street anyway.

Italy - Savor every flavor, and don’t plan too much. It’s the long walks around towns that you’ll need all day for.

Thailand - No plan is the best plan! Take all the adventures.

Morocco - Go ahead, take the bus to the coast, you’ll find your way home.

Peru - Bring a blanket for long picnics on the coast, you’ll just want to sit there forever and watch the paragliders over the edge.

Greece - Talk to people at breakfast, they may be your new best friends for the next 4 days.

I’m getting excited to see what we learn this time around! - Bula, Adios, Namaste, Ciao!