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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

Pluto the Travel Guitar

Larry and the Llama!

Larry and the Llama!

Getting ready for this trip has reminded me how much I like researching and talking about gear.  There’s a nerdy part of me that comes out when looking for the right gear and seeing all of what’s out there.  There are hours spent researching and comparing online. Then there are side trips to local shops to try things on or special trips hunting for more elusive hard to find items.  I’ve been looking at the list of things I need (and the longer list of gear I desire but can’t quite justify at the moment) and have finally started to narrow things down.

Our challenge for this trip will be covering a range of needs- from hiking in Nepal, to the hot summer in Southeast Asia, to venturing into Patagonia later in the year- and getting it all into a carry on backpack.  We will also be looking to stay productive and creative on the road so we will need gear for that in addition to our outdoor gear.

Furthermore, I am a bit guitar obsessed. The idea of going more than a couple weeks without a guitar has been one of my biggest fears in getting ready for this trip.  I have struggled to find a travel guitar that feels like a ‘real’ full sized guitar. Recently, I found the Cordoba Mini II and decided to give one a try. It’s kind of like a guitar mixed with a ukulele which will push me in different directions musically. We have affectionately named the little travel guitar Pluto. It’s not quite a full guitar, much like how Pluto has recently become known as not quite a planet even though we grew up knowing it as the smallest planet in our solar system.  Finding a size appropriate case was another adventure all together, but I finally found one. I’m looking forward to trailside and teahouse jams and opportunities to write with Mia. So here I go. I’ve got a 40L pack to fit my life in and am looking forward to finding a way to strap Pluto to my back for trekking and traveling. (Picture coming soon!)