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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

The Big Breath


What if I missed my exit 

Turned right 

And got lost in fields of new conversations?

New ideas I’ve never heard before

New thoughts 

Miles to explore

This is the way I thrive

So when I get the call

I couldn’t lie

I’m calling in alive. 

It’s going to be hard, to find this other way of life that I know is out there. The one where my pocket isn’t always vibrating, where I’m not counting my friends by the number of likes I get, where I can actually feel a breath all the way from beginning to end without thinking of at least 7 things I need to do before I take the next one. 

One of my favorite things when I travel is, as soon as I step off the plane, I feel like my chest can expand and all of a sudden I remember what it’s like to breathe again. It’s not like my body forgot, but my spirit was too covered up with to-do lists, work schedules, reminders to remember people and things and events. I know there’s another way. It’s been coming up in my dreams, and in my daily life when, no matter how excited I am to go to work or to a class or to see a friend, there’s a big pull somewhere around my left wrist that doesn’t want me to take the exit because the allure of the highway spread in front of me opens the possibilities of the addicting big breath.