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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

We're In This Together


We’re in this together.  We are starting Baretrax as an adventure blog where friends, family and other like minded souls we have yet to meet can follow our travels, keep in touch and see what we’re up to as we take a leap into traveling as a couple.  We intend to share more of our story together in the coming months through our writing, by sharing choice photos, and through music. We are both big musos looking to discover new songs to go with the memories we are setting out to create together.  We love how a song can transport you to a place or a moment. If you are interested in our latest finds, follow our Baretrax playlist (Click Here).

So what else do we envision Baretrax becoming?

Our travels are about exploring.  We are both exploring some big questions about purpose and about what’s next in our own lives and together.  We hope Baretrax will eventually be a music project together. We are both excited to have time to explore creative pursuits and write songs.  We also hope to grow Baretrax into a yoga and music experience. We have been experimenting with Mia teaching yoga while I play instrumental guitar and seen the potent effects of combining yoga and music.  The possibilities are exciting! We’re forging a path forward together where we could travel full time doing yoga and music, while sharing stories from our travels and people we meet along the way. We are exploring different roads to finding freedom and fulfillment in what we create together.