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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

Care Package


We’re incredibly fortunate to be five months in to this grand adventure.  There are things you learn about yourself that traveling brings out- some from being thrust into a very different culture or perspective and others from having idle time to dive deep within yourself.  We are very grateful to everyone that is helping us along in this journey. Your generosity means everything. We’ve been learning the many forms generosity can take. Encouragement, kind words, good deeds, inspiring stories, book lists, care packages, places to stay, meals, groceries, time, smiles, hugs- all these things make a huge difference.  

It’s been a wonderful month in Hawaii and we have our parents to thank for meeting us in Maui and the huge boost to our travels.  It’s been a great month of recharging while we get ready to make our next move. We’ve had some really challenging moments lately.  We’ve been eyeing those bank balances and we’re getting nervous about making it on the road for another three months. It’s challenging our resourcefulness and made us think hard about what we want to get out of the rest of this trip.  We’re eyeing some Work Away positions in Canada, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica. We’re feeling the call of the mountains again and are interested in hunkering down a bit and getting into a community. We’re going to finish strong and make this happen- one way or another…