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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

Traveler Defined


We’ve arrived in Hawaii! Put up against the closest culture to our own that we’ve seen yet, we’ve realized a few odd patterns that we’ve picked up along the way. For this week’s blog post we decided to make a list of the “normal” ways we live our lives now being travelers. 

You know you’re a traveler when:

  • You save the rubber bands off of produce at the grocery store because you know it will come in handy later

  • You save receipts so you’ll have paper to write on 

  • You know all the creative ways to hang clothes to dry in any kind of room 

  • You’ve started debating how to make a shirt that says “no I don’t want a taxi” on the front of it 

  • You get excited for days when you know you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods

  • You know how to navigate a grocery store in 4 different languages

  • You use coconut oil for cooking, lotion, massages, seasoning, conditioner, and deodorant

  • You always carry toilet paper, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer with you 

  • You’ve nailed the squatty potty squat

  • You know how to identify the places with free drinking water from miles away 

  • You can wash everything you own in a sink

  • You can shower with a pot of hot water and a mug 

  • You can sleep through a rave, thunderstorm, and earthquake 

  • You look forward to long bus rides to keep up with your podcasts 

  • You can instantly convert the US dollar into 4 different currencies 

  • You can say thank you and hello I’m at least 5 languages and act out your basic needs to cover the fact that you don’t know anything else 

  • You can find a grocery store, restaurant, hotel, and yoga studio within 8 hours of landing in a new country 

  • You stopped wondering why everyone’s staring at you 

  • You’ve memorized your passport number 

  • You gave up on helping people try to pronounce your name correctly and have submitted to being Mexican (Mia) and a girl (Lawren.) 

  • You find toilet paper and probiotics left in your pockets

  • You’ve stopped trying to plan your days

Anything we’ve left out? We would love to hear your travel realizations too! 👣 🐾