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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

Things We Miss


We’re celebrating four months of being on the road and the theoretical halfway point of our travels this go around. Yay!!! Here are some things we’ve been missing:

  • Family and friends

  • Home cooking and having a pantry full of our favorite foods and snacks

  • All types of berries

  • Trails to escape on

  • Clean mountain air

  • Flushing toilets. Free public toilets stocked with toilet paper 

  • Normal sized doors/ beds

  • Chipotle Burritos

  • Traffic laws we understand

  • Bookstores with books in English

  • Lotion that doesn’t have whitening agents

  • Being able to stream movies on Netflix

  • Clean drinking water right from the tap

  • Sidewalks and crosswalks

  • Recycling and trash cans

  • Having a washer and dryer

  • Making it through the day without sweating through all our clothes

  • Having more than four shirts in our wardrobes

  • Hot showers

  • Our doggies

  • Quiet...

There are certainly more things were missing. It’s fun thinking about all the little things we gain a greater appreciation for as we travel. 

What do you miss most when you travel? What is the thing you most appreciate when you get home? 🐾