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Creature Comforts

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I love that traveling has stripped me away from some of the comforts of home. I have grown accustomed to living out of a size medium packing cube as my closet, cold showers, and spider shaking my shoes in the morning like it’s no big deal. I am loving the humidity, salt water, dress weather, seasonal food, and learning phrases in new languages. 

There are some creature comforts that make me feel like wherever I am is home. The first is a home coffee shop. This coffee shop must be easy to get to, cozy, with just the right amount of noise, fantastic music selections, and have the right sized chairs and tables so I can sit cross legged with my sketch pad in front of me to paint and draw. I will search a new city for days to find the right chair and the right spot so I know I will have a creative and reflective space. Another big one for me is a safe trail to run on. Since college, trail running has been a way for me to process emotions, work out issues, and feel great about my body and what it can accomplish. Bonus points if I can run to this trail from my house and if there are different directions I can take it…but not too many options or I WILL get lost. The other biggie is a go to grocery store or restaurant. We have realized how important eating well is to our physical, mental, and emotional states. Food sensitivities has made this difficult while traveling so it takes some extra research to find places where I know there will be options that will make me feel good. Other treats we have found along the way have been big, open parks, quiet hotel rooms, big bookstores, vacant beaches, and cheap smoothie stands. 

I learn a little more every day about how to better take care of my needs and how important it is to take care of others in my life and be the most authentic version of myself. I get a little help from those who have come before me. My favorite resources have become:

Happy Cow - for vegan, vegetarian, and healthy restaurants

All Trails - for hiking trails around me

The Broke Backpacker - for travel advice

The Yoga Nomads - for finding the best local cafes and yoga studios.

Am I missing any? Use our contact us page to let us know! 👣