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Hut Trip!


A few days ago I turned 30. Mia surprised me with a Birthday Week Advent Calendar that culminated in a trip to Ken’s Cabin up Boreas Pass Road.  It was a glorious three days of celebrating together and taking a little adventure right in our backyard. The mountains put on quite a show with a watercolor sunset that gave way to clear starry skies.  A fitting send off to my 20’s. As I stepped into the cabin Sunday night, I felt ready to take on the adventures and challenges of a new decade. We didn’t see another soul until we were headed out Tuesday afternoon.  It was a refreshing birthday miracle to be miles from town and slow life down.

Hut trips have become a winter tradition.  Time melts away and life gets really simple.  Where will I sleep? What will I eat? How will I spend the moments between tending the fire? It feels good to do the work of life.  There is purpose and satisfaction in focusing on one thing at a time. It’s a good reminder that a simple life is fulfilling.

Thanks for the best wishes and thanks to Mia for a wonderful birthday week!

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