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What We're Reading Now


A wonderful thing about time is to see how our brains fill it. Most of us don’t do well with having tons of time to think. Growing up as an overachiever and mild perfectionist, having “free time” makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing can be an incredible thing but after about 24 hours the sneaky thoughts of “I should be doing more”, “ I should be working”, “I should be producing something” come into my brain from all outlets.

Luckily I’ve found a middle ground. Books. Since I was little I would sit on the couch and read, in the morning, during the day, and my favorite, before bed. Luckily I’ve graduated from repetitive books many times held upside down as I created my own versions, to actually being able to read and it’s been a wonderful thing.

I often find solace in a coffee shop with the perfect cup of tea and a good book. I use them as ways to escape, to dive deeper into myself, and to stimulate my mind. Although my hot cups of tea have been replaced with iced drinks and coconuts I still find the coziness in reading time.

Currently I have about 100 books on my book list and it’s growing every day and with the technological advances that allow me to not only carry a book in my backpack, but many on my phone at a time, I always have something to read. Larry and I spend many afternoons in the hammock or at a coffee shop beating the afternoon heat with book or phone in hand. I like to have at least 3 at a time... you know, because you need something spiritual, something lighthearted, and something to increase your intellect ... do I have some book nerds out there that know what I’m talking about?! Anyway here’s what my Kindle app looks like today.

I’m always looking for more suggestions to add to the list so send them my way!