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Don't Let It Die!

Thanks to Mia for the cover art!

Thanks to Mia for the cover art!

Thanks to everyone that has been following and listening to our Baretrax playlist!  This is a Spotify playlist we created to share some of our favorite songs which we update monthly. We’ve been having a lot of fun finding new tunes inspired by traveling and a thirst for new sounds.  Mia is an excellent curator and I throw in some suggestions here and again.  Last week, I released my second solo studio EP, On to the North.  I’m proud to add one of my original tunes, “Don’t Let It Die,” to the Baretrax playlist.  Here is a little more about the making of the song.

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do?  You should do them.”

My friend Zach Husted once told me these words.  The phrase stuck with me and inspired me to write, “Don’t Let It Die.”  There were some other quotes and readings that seemed to find me at just the right time.  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase,” from Martin Luther King Jr. kept getting stuck in my head.  I had the chord progression for a while and wanted to write something upbeat, inspirational, universal and relatable.  I had been playing the chorus bit one night for awhile when that moment that songwriters live for happened- everything I’d been struggling towards clicked into place and I had the first version of the full song. All I had to do was ‘let go.’  

Another big inspiration for the song was reading The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten for the first time.  I highly recommend the book to musicians and music lovers alike.  It explores the spiritual side of Music and Life describing his mystical journey to speaking music as a language.  His motto becomes, “Try Easy.”  This inspired the line, “All you have to do is let go.”  Such a simple concept, but so hard to do.  There are beautiful things to be discovered if you can just get out of your own way.

Don’t Let It Die!

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