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Follow the adventures of Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte as they blog about their travels.

One Way Ticket

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“Decisions. We can think about things, turn them over in our minds a million times, play out possible scenarios, but really when it comes down to it, you have to go with your heart and move forward. Maybe things will go well. Maybe they’ll turn out poorly. Every decision brings with it some good, some bad, some lessons, and some luck. The only thing that’s for sure is that indecision steals away many years from many people who wind up wishing they had the courage to leap.” - Doe Zantamata 

A few months ago, I had one of those long days at work. I heard many of the same complaints, and felt tedious tasks weighing down like anchors on my mind which just wanted to be sparked, and challenged, and drawn into the sense of astonishment that I knew was possible. 

So, in my nature, I went to Larry and asked, “Do you want to travel the world with me?” (We had been dating for 3 months).  An immediate “Yes”, to my surprise, was his response. 

We spent the next few weeks thinking about how we would make this happen. We tossed around the questions about what countries, how long, would we work, what is the purpose, would we have a project, do we have the money, is now the right time? 

We now have a one way ticket to Nepal booked for 3 months from today, and I wish I had an answer to any of those questions. One answer I do know, is that when travel calls, resistance is futile. We are at a point where we are ready for the good, the bad, the lessons, the luck and most of all, the call for experience beyond the spaces that our minds hold today. With our tickets booked, we look forward to the next 3 months of long days to save money, inspiring late night talks about adventures we’re looking forward to, and day trips to gear shops to search for the best backpacking mug. There is a continuous battle in my head of everything I could work on while I travel for the rest of the year, and the same list of maybe nothing that I should work on, and the possibility of leaving my 12 to-do lists at home to finally just have no other project or purpose besides living.