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Baretrax Defined

Baretrax Definition PNG.png

Welcome to Baretrax Life!

Baretrax is the adventures of us! We are Mia Tarduno and Larry Lacerte, a couple that seeks to live a simple lifestyle, while exploring the vulnerability of following our passions to find our own way in this world, and create a life together.  

The idea for Baretrax hatched while planning a year of traveling together.  We are both growing restless to get out and explore, to push ourselves and be uncomfortable, to learn and grow.  Baretrax is about being ‘bare’, vulnerable, and open to what life has in store for us. It’s also about leaving ‘trax’; our footprint on the world, and finding ways to go beyond ourselves to positively impact others.  

Mia is on a path of exploring healing practices and yoga, and passionate about a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual well being.  She shares her yoga and healing with others through her practice, The Mindful Mia.

Larry is on a path of exploring the universal language and healing power of Music.  He is currently composing a series of guitar meditations to explore while traveling.  His projects can be found at Lacerte Music.

Baretrax Life will follow our projects individually and together as we explore the intersectionality of travel, yoga, music, and anything else that inspires us along the way.  

Hold the vision, trust the process, watch the magic. Follow our adventures! 👣 🐾

Mia and Larry